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Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP download
Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP download

Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP by Frank Ohrtman

Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP

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Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP Frank Ohrtman ebook
Page: 339
Format: pdf
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071409777, 9780071409773

19.7 As with every security architecture, a defense-in-depth approach is the best approach for VoIP. This book, sometimes gets it right and sometimes doesnt. Softswitch technology-VoIP Article by jekky. In terms of Since the EBC does not have its own location service, it must rely on the Softswitch to inform it of the appropriate next hop. Is achieved through the implementation of a unique distributed architecture. Some of the tables employed are not significant enough to explain the points started. The graphics are not great and they should be. Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP : PDF eBook Download. January 3rd, 2013 reviewer Leave a comment Go to comments. VoIP: Related topic to VocalTec Launches Latest Essentra Softswitch. Topics Related to 'VocalTec Launches Latest Essentra Softswitch'. Softswitch : Architecture for VoIP (Professional Telecom) Bypassing the old circuit-switched hardware, softswitches streamline message traffic and provide a much more efficient service development environment. By Frank Ohrtman Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional.

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