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Scalable Internet Architectures book download
Scalable Internet Architectures book download

Scalable Internet Architectures. Theo Schlossnagle

Scalable Internet Architectures

ISBN: 067232699X,9780672326998 | 288 pages | 8 Mb

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Scalable Internet Architectures Theo Schlossnagle
Publisher: Sams

Sharding – distribute records using some criteria. Chapter 6 in Scalable Internet Architectures focuses on Static content, that aspect of web applications that is sometimes an afterthought to web developers. Anyone building large systems should read it. Databases are hard to scale and are generally the bottleneck in scaling internet scale systems. I've just finished reading Scalable Internet Architectures by Theo Schlossnagle. Building Scalable Website by Henderson High performance MySQL by Zawodny and Balling MySQL Clustering by Davis and Fisk Scalable Internet Architectures by Schlossnagle. Typical solutions to scale databases include: 1. Cal Henderson (Flickr) - Scalable Web Architectures: Common Patterns and Approaches. Interesting observations/thoughts on web operations collected from a few sessions at Velocity conference 2010 [ most are from a talk by Theo Schlossnagle, author of “Scalable internet architectures” ]. "This is a slightly nerdy talk." Flickr - "Large scale kitten-sharing" - Awesome. If you are asked to write a highly scalable Java-based server, it won't take long to decide to use the Java NIO package.

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